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[ Download from this server (14.0 Kb) ] 09.18.2013, 9:45 AM

Odron, Lito Jr. O. CS100A (9-16-2013)

ES21FB1 (Tue 9:30-13:30) Prof. Alvin S. Alon



    In an engineer's path, Mathematics is not easy. Numbers, figures, and any other thing that you could ever think of needs calculation and measure. We need to live with mathematics as if it is our wife. We need to cope up to the gradual surging up of its difficulty level. Therefore, when we solve, why just not make the checking of the answers easier? Finding a solution takes time. Why still take time to check? It's not that when you are practiced to solve, you should also be practiced to do it the opposite. What if there are many problems, and all you've got is an hour to do it all? We have technology, and we should make use of it in another way aside from recreation.

Name : A property checker in Basic Geometry.

Resources used : Dev C++, a brain, and a will to create a program.

Features :- Check your answer if it's correct IN ALMOST NO TIME!

- You can change settings(If the screen color isn't comfty).

- Doesn't lag (Time is gold).

- Cheaters can't cheat!! (They will know why.)

- Supports Lines, Circles, and Parabolas.

- Also has a feature that defines terms in Geometry.

- And MANY OTHER MORE as this mini-programmer learns further!!

II. Disclaimer

This program has limited features. It may not support some situations, or may not answer some problems. Remember, the one who created this is just also HUMAN. And humans are not perfect. However, I really will take a serious look at this project (It may get better, and the project will not stop even when the semester is finished). The submitted product will be a public beta 1.0 ,and I will not stop as long as I keep learning new things in college. Technology is a gift, and a development of lifestyle. We should make use of it.

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