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2:22 PM
A person's knowledge is not enough to fight through and find his place into the society. The key towards the world's greatest mysteries is within everyone's minds - all we need to do is find it. Once we do that, we just have to preserve everything for the next generations. Let's say that one's mind may know plenty, but what's the use if he doesn't apply it? He may apply it, but what's the use if he doesn't circulate it? He may circulate it, but what's the use if he doesn't express it? He may express it, but what's the use if he doesn't share it? Everything he learns, it may all become naught if he doesn't transfer it to someone before he dies! To pass all your thoughts, and share them to everyone is a very hard feat to ponder, but once he does, it could be known as one of the most generous acts inside this world! To speak your mind and everything inside it is like jumping higher than a mountain. That's for introverts like me. Yes, I think I am one, indeed. Saying thoughts through papers and pens are as easy as three. However, communicating through tongue is a brick wall that must be shattered immediately. And to think that breaking that hindrance is required as soon as possible, it's really a pressure for me. What, you're thinking of something? The "jumping higher than a mountain"? Well, NOT ANYMORE! 'Cause I'm already about to finish COMMUNICATION ARTS 3! And what have I learned? It's the thought that "MOUNTAINS CAN'T JUMP!!" A little far-fetched, yes? Well, come to think of it. Who can jump higher than a mountain? Hearing it the first time, of course you'll think that "no one can." But rephrasing the thought, it'll go like this: "I can soar about two feet above the air, while mountains can't even lift an inch. Therefore, I can jump higher than a mountain!". So, you're thinking about how have we come to this topic, and what's its connection to this reflection? Well, it's just that, "Before I took up this course, I really thought that I'm an introvert, and I just really accept the fact that I'll never be good at speaking. But when I did, I learned that there's a way, you just have to find it!" To learn the proper techniques for speaking requires real confidence. You also need to be willed enough to do that. Well, I have never been really bad at trying things, as long as it's possible. And guess what? It's never been wrong to try! And now, I might really say that "I now can"! Well, I think I really can't say what TIP graduate attributes have I gained or developed from this subject yet. But of course, it has to be ALL! But still, who knows? I haven't been tested yet. And for real talk, I think I will not yet completely master all of those attributes until I graduate. And besides, It's pretty obvious already that I developed communication skills here. And not to mention bribery, but the type of professor that I got for this comm. 3 really has an edge for speaking. She really was the most suitable for this one. So finally to end this short creative essay (If it really was), this communication arts 3 subject really helped me a lot in speaking the feels inside my mind and blabbering the messages outside my heart, pronouncing the traces of my thoughts using the pens of my tongue, and then finally, shouting everyting inside my head and roar with fierce words outside my mouth, saying that "I once thought that I couldn't, but now I doubt that I can't"!!
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